Jan 12

i dont know who any of u are bye


Nov 30

((ghost noises))

Oct 27

hahaha oh my god

Jun 01

ok i unfollowed a bunch of old mutual follows o n my new blog so if u just lost somebody that was probably me haha nothing personal i pretty much just unfollowed everyone that didnt follow me back bc i figure if you havent followed me there by now you probably dont want me following you or you dont care so yeah im gonna log outta telescopiic for good now i think later taters

May 27


hey I moved blogs. Here’s a post about it if anyone cares http://telescopiic.tumblr.com/post/47401542154/hey

Apr 07



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ok  whatevre its still a WIP but im gonna start following people

Anonymous said: Is there a specific reason that you're restarting, or do you just want a fresh start?

this ones just cluttered and theres people i want to get away from and im sure there are people that want to get away from me and its just dumb and i need to start over because ive hit the point where instead of gaining followers it just goes down and i know thats dumb but yeah i pretty much just want to start over

just to be clear i havent followed anyone on the new blog yet and im sorry if we aren t in a mutual follow i just kinda want to start over and if you still wanna follow me you can ask for my url i guess but i still might not follow you back idk